Medical Conditions

Dental Disease

Periodontal disease, which is a destructive form of gum disease, has been shown to be associated with some health conditions. An association has been found between the presence of periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease. However the nature of the relationship is not known. Diabetes, however has been shown to be associated with a greater predisposition to periodontal disease.

Impact on oral health

Any condition which has a negative effect on manual dexterity (eg arthritis and Parkinson’s disease) will have a negative impact of ability to carry out oral hygiene procedures. In such cases, use of electric toothbrushes, high fluoride toothpastes or gels and tooth mousse can be of preventive assistance.


Such as those to treat high blood pressure and depression can have the effect to reduce salivary flow in the mouth. This has the effect to cause a dry mouth which increases the risk of tooth decay. In these situations, hydration is important as well as controlling diet. Using high fluoride toothpaste, or gels as well as tooth mousse can be a great preventive aid.


Has a number of negative effects on teeth and the structures of the mouth.

  • It  causes cancer of the mouth, tongue, lips and cheeks
  • It increases the risk and severity of periodontal disease.
  • It has obvious negative effects on the appearance of teeth.