Check Ups

Regular check ups are essential for all ages to promote good oral health and to prevent any need for major dental work.

  • Same-day appointments
  • Preventative checks

  • Gum disease treatments


Dental emergencies can happen at any time day or night and range from an agonising toothache to a knocked-out tooth.

  • Priority appointments

  • Preventative checks

  • Gum disease treatments


Dental health can be maintained in the majority of instances with good oral hygiene practices and diet management

  • Cleaning

  • Flossing

  • Periodontal Care

Cosmetic Dentistry

Discoloured, chipped or missing teeth can affect self-confidence but cosmetic dentistry can help.

  • Bonded composite resin

  • Zoom Whitening

  • At Home Bleach Kits

  • Ceramic Veneers

Dental Implants

The type of implants we use at the practice is the Swiss Straumann system.

  • Single Tooth

  • Series of Teeth

  • Fixed Bridge

  • Overdenture

General Dentistry

General dental treatments designed to improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth, gums, bite or smile.

  • Fillings

  • Root Canal

  • Restorative

  • Wisdom Teeth


Missing a few teeth, or have had multiple teeth removed? Large empty spaces in your mouth isn’t a good idea for many reasons and dentures may be a great solution.

  • Full Dentures

  • Partial Dentures

  • Denture Cleaning

Children’s Dentistry

The same principles apply to children as with adults. We recommend you bring your children in for their first check-up before they reach 2 years of age

  • Promote Good Habits

  • Preventative checks

  • Monitor Tooth Patterns

Grinding & Clenching

These habits can damage teeth and lead to muscle and joint soreness. While grinding at night can occur, damage can also be caused by daytime clenching.

  • Mouth Guards

  • Splints

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