How Can I Look After My Teeth?


Dental health can be maintained in the majority of instances with good oral hygiene practices and diet management Oral hygiene There are two important factors to consider with tooth cleaning. [...]

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Grinding & Temporo


Grinding & Clenching These habits can damage teeth and lead to muscle and joint soreness. While grinding at night can occur, damage can also be caused by daytime clenching. While [...]

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Denture Care


Full Dentures. Ideally take them out at night. If you do so, gently clean them with an old toothbrush or denture brush. Never use toothpaste with it, only water or [...]

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Dental Health for Older Patients


Medical Conditions Dental Disease Periodontal disease, which is a destructive form of gum disease, has been shown to be associated with some health conditions. An association has been found between [...]

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